Thursday, April 17, 2008

when you're smilin'

Linda Stringfield's smile is reflected into a mirror while chatting about her blush application during the "Look Good...Feel Better" program at St. Rita's Cancer Resource Center in Lima. "Look Good...Feel Better" is a free program that teaches beauty techniques to women cancer patients in active treatment to help them combat the apperance-related side effects of cancer treatment.

Being as averse as I can be to makeup sometimes, I wasn't sure what to expect when I got to this assignment. While there was talk about what brush is the best brush and all that bla bla stuff, there was also an unprecedented amount of honesty and authenticity from the women in attendance. Some women were having a more difficult time dealing with their cancer, getting openly emotional when discussion about personal experiences began. Some women have made amazing peace with their situations and were there to comfort the others.

It was an extremely sensitive situation that local media was press released about by a public relations office, so these women had no idea we were coming. Many of them had no problem with our presence while others begged not to be photographed in their current state. I felt happy /guilty about being there.

Saturday, April 12, 2008


i feel like there's a new chapter or something about to begin...i might be wrong.

Friday, April 11, 2008

holy week.

the holy week celebration at the lima civic center.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

calma gatinha

the girl who taught me great cuss words in portuguese and how to mandar o mundo para a merda flew through miami a couple weeks ago on her way from reno, nv back to brasil. i had to make it back home to spend time with a menina.

jenifer, lianette and i felt unstoppable when we all lived and breathed together in rio. it was an amazing reunion and exactly what i needed after a winter that kicked my ass.

it was still too chilly to really hang out on the beach, but wearing flip flops for four days straight was liberating.

sight seeing on sobe. random snaps.

most delicious sushi dinner ever.

needless to say, i was pretty bummed about having to go back home to ohio. thanks to my wonderful mom, i was flying standby on american airlines and was lucky enough to get bumped up to first class on my flight to chicago.

flight home photos.

track inside

ive never shot inside track before, but i had fun shooting it. the ohio northern university track team, who hosted the ncaa championship earlier this month, es muy simpatico and were helpful when i was there.

Thursday, April 3, 2008


[fiona lazily taking a stand by planting herself in front of my only exit from steve and carly's apartment. ]
because i just spent like an hour and a half updating my links list, i wanted to make a post telling you to look at it. blogger needs to whip up some drag and drop function so that my need to alphabetize isn't such a drag to execute, yo.

its basically a list of sites i visit on a regular basis for inspiration/procrastination on my own work. it will be very helpful to me until i give into brett "how do you live life without google reader?" roegiers's peer pressure over getting an rss reader. maybe it will be helpful to you too.

also, if i haven't told you yet, and i probably have because its something i'm very excited about, i was accepted into ohio university's graduate visual communication program. go bobcats.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008


the elida wrestling gym is old and wonderful. probably my favorite high school sports venue to date. the color in these photos is a little inconsistent because that single tungsten light fixture on an orange mat is too amazing for my white balancing skills. so forgive me.