Tuesday, July 15, 2008



her transmission just wont hold up. my car's final resting place will be athens, ohio. at first, i wasn't comfortable with that, but after thinking about what a fulfilled and exciting life she's had as a vehicle, i feel like it might be okay. when i picked her up in 2004 for 8g's, she only had a shitty sound system and cigarette burns on the roof --- evidence that she's always been taken for granted a little. after four years of me, most of her exterior is being held up with a complicated duct tape and string system. right turns mean listening to liquid roll across underneath her hood [it sounded like automotive tears and is how she earned her name "la llorona" -- the crying girl]. hills are a no-go. none of the passenger side doors work.

i know its just a thing, but i will miss my car.
from miami to michigan, yo. i can't help but feel sentimental about my ride. i need to get rid of her and i know that no price can truly match up to how i will feel without my carrito and being that she is in bad of a state as she is, i will be lucky if i get $1000.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

postcards from the space between

to break past the on-the-job tedium involved in being shy, i force myself to establish face-to-face relationships with the individuals and objects i photograph. i was very tired my last month in northwest ohio and made a lot of these kinds of images. i'm unsure what i was responding in these situations, but looking back at them will always speak volumes to me about how in the time around the shutter release.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

at the end of the road

my last month in lima was much kinder to my soul than the nine preceeding months ever were. these are from my last week.