Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Mes and Michael in their backyard on her 19th birthday.

This summer, between shooting for the paper and traveling to visit friends, I was lucky to make time to fly back to Ohio to continue photographing the McKees. Jameska gave birth to a healthy baby boy named Robert James in late August and she asked me to continue photographing her life. Not like she needed to ask. I made it down for the baby shower where it all really caught up to me. How fast life moves. They also hadn't seen me in a year.

"When are YOU having kids?"

Photographically, emotionally, I was overwhelmed.

These photos are from the trip I made for the birth. It was longer. Jameska let me stay on her couch most of the week. I was able to catch up with Nykki and Roxy as well. It was long and sleep deprived and worthwhile. More from these photos will surface soon.

Roxy on Mes's car in the parking lot of her new apartment. Rox is starting the first grade this year.

Nykki and Baby Brandon, 10 months, at the hospital waiting on Mes to deliver. Nykki gave birth to a baby girl named Gracelyn a few weeks later.

Brandon's new tattoo.

Tonya and Mason. Two years ago, we were waiting at the same hospital for Mason to arrive.

Mes during her 16-hour delivery.

Sunday, September 16, 2012


cody on a sunny september morning. concord, nh