Sunday, January 23, 2011


nykki, blue and uncle earl's finger / trimble (dec 2010)

Words elude me tonight. The dog days of winter in a shack full of felines. Dalé.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

start / finish

sally / glouster, oh (july 2010)

It's hard to see when you're so focused on the end. I'm in the middle of trying to finish my master's proposal.

Saturday, January 15, 2011


lindsay waiting for her brother after the school bus dropped her off / oakdale alley, oh (feb 2009)

I originally posted this last week, but fell asleep before I could write anything. I let it sit because I was too busy trying to employ my words in other places: talking to people about my photos, writing about my photos in metadata land, talking with Brad about the merits of 30 rock, playing road trip games on the way to washington dc, accepting an internship. That's the magical thing about the internet though. We have edit buttons.

Glouster, the town in my white whale of a project, has been perpetually pushed back while I handle these things I sort of need to handle on this side of my computer screen. The new year has been a lot of work, but no shooting. I had a chance to go through everything I have shot up until this point and found little moments like these that were brought into the largest and, yes, most comprehensive edit of this work so far. While that kind of retrospective progress has been made, however, I've idled on my shooting. Next week, man. Next week.