Thursday, December 25, 2008


[if you've run into me in the past couple of months, you know what a debbie downer i've been. the mere thought of confronting my abilities as a photographer triggers an uncontrollable emotional response in me that makes people uncomfortable. that compounded with the unfortunate attitude about journalism these days that i've misguidedly absorbed has put me in this...weird place. 

whatevs. a new year approaches. a perfect excuse to toss all the bullshit out. including this rotting sandwich of a blog. a new one will come in a hot second.

introspection will be productive, no longer self defeating. shooting will be for the greater good, not the greater grade. ]


Brian Storm, of MediaStorm, spoke at Mizzou's school of journalism commencement ceremony and articulated positive things about the future of journalism that i'm keeping close to me during this time of personal change. take the time and read it here.