Friday, October 28, 2011

snow in october.

 quilt shop next door / concord, nh (oct '11)

93 north / near bow, nh (oct '11)

snowed today. leaves still be on trees making this the weirdest looking snow globe on the mind shelf.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


brad at the initial point of concern / random wv road, sep '11

negs immune to the cat tranquilizers / conneticut rest stop, sep '11

duct tape and shoddy american engineering will get you places. my move to new hampshire had all the right elements: hot boy, decent tunes, string cheese. everything except a reliable vehicle. towing a 4x8 trailer full of my shit is what finally did her (the jeep i'm still mourning) in, but not before her final act: a multistate relocation. the cats did well, despite my best efforts to sedate the crap out of them, they were good company and only bolted towards the gas/brake pedals once and even kept us warm during a cold snoozin at a new jersey rest stop.

an oil/fluid drip landed on hot metal in the undercarriage and caused a dramatic smoke trail on our entire 14+ hour trip. we came into concord like a comet.

Monday, October 24, 2011

migration patterns

glass door, white house/athens, ohio, sep '11

ATF ranch / athens, ohio, sep '11

before the move towards the mountains, my post-nyc eyeballs were so happy in ohio.